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Quotes and impressions from the morning of the 2016 edition of the conference. For all presentations and downloads click here.

Text by Martina Kammermann, photography by Nicolas Fojtu, licensed CC BY 4.0.

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«Imagine a machine that is a hundred times smarter than you. You wouldn’t feel comfortable if this machine would be controlled by just a small group.»

Marcel Salathé, Associate Professor at EPFL

Open source algorithm challenges mentioned: @crowd_ai

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“Realising open source is a daily internal struggle. There are very few people who know the subject, and it is very difficult for them to be understood. We need community.”

«Réaliser l’open source, c’est une lutte interne de tous les jours. Il y a très peu de gens qui connaissent la matière, et c’est très difficile de le faire comprendre. On a besoin d’une communauté.»

Anja Wyden Guelpa, chancelière d’Etat a Genève

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“We will see soon new cantons on the portal. There will also be a user data requests forum.”

«On va voir des nouveaux cantons prochainement sur le portail. Il y a aura aussi un forum des souhaits pour des usagers.»

Jean-Luc Cochard, Bundesarchiv

#opendata #history #learning

“The hunter-gatherers have already picked the low-hanging fruit. We must create scalability.”

«Déjà les chasseurs-cueilleurs ont cueilli les fruits les plus accèssibles. Il faut créer des échelles.»

Simon Chignard, Auteur

#public #transport #openness

“The idea is to make as much data as possible public, including that which is not favorable to ourselves.”

«L’idée, c’est de rendre au public autant possible tous les données, compris celles qui ne nous sont pas favorable.»

Guillaume Leborgne, SNCF

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«Open data is sustainable when it makes data production dramatically easier for the people, not harder.»
Joshua Goldstein, Department of Better Technology

#civic #business #progress

«We are working on several reforms that will make startups that use government data more viable in the Ukraine. They should have tax reductions and many other privileges. And we are trying to persuade investors that these startups matter.»

Denis Gursky,

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